Saturday, April 2, 2011

Northanger abbey

It's been a long time since I've read Jane Austen.  I had forgotten about her wicked sarcastic streak.  It is very evident in the first half of Northanger Abbey.  Throughout the first half of this book, Austen's voice is very present.  She steps out of the story and comments on events and characters as the author.  Honestly, it doesn't seem that Austen holds much regard for the heroine she has created.

Then the second half happens.  Austen's voice is suppressed and the characters are left on their own.  Our heroine takes no for an answer.  (She is twice told not to see what lurks down a forbidden corridor.  She obeys.  I still want to know what's down that hallway!)  Our heroine falls madly in love with the hero of the story.  Or so she tells us.  We don't get to see it happen for ourselves.

Then Austen comes back at the end to say "Look how neatly I wrapped everything up.  Good day to you."  After falling in love with her voice in the first half, I was a little disappointed.

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