Thursday, April 28, 2011

Exit to eden

Anne Rice wrote Exit to Eden under the name Anne Rampling.  My guess is that she used the pseudonym to differentiate this work from her other novels.  There are no supernatural beings in Eden.

But the themes are still the same.  An individual living on the edges of society.  Having a clear grasp of the fact that they are different than everyone else.  The flip comes in the main characters response to begin on the fringe.  Rice's vampires often long to be part of the society they were forced to leave.  Lisa, our main human in Eden, refuses to see the "normal" in herself or anyone around her.  Even to the point of denying love.

In the end, she changes.  She recognizes love for what it is and decides to embrace it.  And here is the flaw of the novel- the flip is too large to be believed.  While explanations were given to justify the flip, I still found myself doubting that this woman would make this choice.  Maybe a few years down the road, but not on the last day of this story.

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