Monday, January 31, 2011

Silence the Whispers

I have a hard time writing dialogue, and often feel like my characters are a little flat.  But, I'm starting to feel better about that.  I keep reading novels that have bigger issues than mine that managed to get published anyway!  I finished another book, Silence the Whispers by Cait London.  Again, the plot was really good.   Lots of suspense, and a mystery to be solved.  Granted, I solved it before the characters, but I'm okay with that.

What bothered me was the characters.  The two main characters were so-so.  There were moments when they seemed contrived, but overall, they were okay.  The rest of the characters were horrible.  Cameron, the main female, came with a trio of female friends.  I don't remember any of their names, nor could I tell them apart during the novel.  They all read like shadows of Cameron.  Really sad, considering one of them was vital to the plot.

All I'm looking for is a few good characters!

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