Monday, January 17, 2011

Me Tarzan, You Jane

I blazed through Temperature Rising by Sandra Brown last night in under 3 hours.  This is another author who started off writing romance novels under a pseudonym to claim the bills.  Later she switched to writing mainstream fiction, mostly suspense-ish, under her real name.  She has since reclaimed her early work, republishing it under her real name.

This book was in the Me Tarzan, You Jane, genre.  Then I looked at the copyright.  1989.  That explains so much.  Reading the book, the male "hero" reminded me very much of Romancing the Stone.  However the female lead was nothing like Kathleen Turner's brilliant, goofy, slightly spacey heroine.

Overall, it was a fun, if dated, read. 

Also yesterday I finished Scream for Me.  I got to the end and was certain there would be a third book in the series.  (A quick online check confirmed I was right.)  Rose didn't do such a good job of hiding her outs this time.  Stay tuned for Kill for Me...

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