Saturday, January 1, 2011


So in the last 24 hours, the only things I have read are instructions. 

On the fun side, Harry Potter Scene It!  It's been so long since we've played this particular game that I couldn't remember how.  So long that the kid who was too young to even read the questions for the game now knows all the answers!

On the not so fun side, instructions to install a dishwasher.  Happy New Years to me, our dishwasher chose to start spewing water all over our kitchen floor.  What I initially thought would be a simple replacement has turned into a three day ordeal, with uncountable trips to the hardware store for miscellaneous parts.  I'm not sure this process could be any more complicated. 

Here's a thought, on the first page of the instructions, list ALL of the parts that will be required for installation!

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  1. Good luck with the dishwasher. We're lucky to have Mark's brother, who does all of our major appliance installations. As he will be doing with our hot water heater on Monday. Sigh...