Thursday, September 24, 2015

Becoming Bob (Three Microstories)

Day 24 of StoryADay September.
The Prompt:
Click on this link.

Flick through the gallery and pick the first three pictures that catch your attention. Now, write a short, 50-100 word story for each. No more than 100 words each. (Note: The first piece is 110 words, I cheated a bit)
(Images in this post were accessed at the website listed above, and credited to the U.S. National Archives.)

“This feels really weird. Why are we doing this?” Marcy squirmed inside her shell.
 Photograph of Acetate Foil for Laminating“I’m working on a treatment for anxiety,” Bob replied. “The idea is that the acetate will wrap around you, embracing you like a warm hug. This should make you feel relaxed, less anxious.”
 “Well, it’s not warm, like a hug. And it’s rather stiff,” Marcy tried to lower her arms, but they were stuck sticking out like the limbs of a scarecrow.
 “Hmmmmm. Let’s try adding more,” Bob continued wrapping Marcy, working from her toes up to her neck.
 “Don’t cover my face, I’ll suffoca-“ Marcy’s words were cut off by the acetate enveloping her head.

South Beach Has the Longest Stretch of Public Beach in the Miami Area. Thousands of Retired Persons Have Settled Here in Inexpensive Residential Hotels Built Within Walking Distance of the Beach. The Area Now Faces Problems of Over-Development.Bob emerged from the waves, his deep tan glistening, the sunlight reflecting off water and salt scattered across his skin. He made his way to the outdoor shower, rinsing the salt before it could dry his skin. Bob wanted to look good for Marcy. He needed to appeal to her, earn her trust.
Clean and relaxed, he took a moment to practice his smile in the mirror and perfect his wavy locks. they were still not as perfect as Marcy's.

Rockport's Barbershop 02/1973

Bob’s first professional haircut made him angry. The man didn’t understand that Bob hated his hair in his face, hated the straight strands that poked in his eyes.
Squirming in the chair hadn’t made the man stop. Bob scrunched his face tight, imagining what he could do to the man with the straight razor sitting on the counter.



  1. Very interesting reverse journey! Poor Marcy, paying for the sins of a barber with her life!

  2. Very interesting reverse journey! Poor Marcy, paying for the sins of a barber with her life!