Friday, January 25, 2013

Set something on fire

Janessa's movements were slow and sure. 

First the newspaper she had stolen from the neighbor's drive.  Next the pizza box from last night's dinner.  The phone book.  Her notes from psychology class. 

Janessa popped open the flip top on the can of lighter fluid.  Dousing the pile on her living room floor, she took a deep breath to steady herself.  Instead, the fumes made her dizzy.  She deliberately traced a line from the pyre across the carpet, up the wall and onto the blue flowered drapes.

The book of matches was waiting.  Red.  Gold lettering advertised Two Brews, the bar where she had met Devin the night before.  Janessa opened the book and removed a single match.  Another deep breath and her hand struck the match head against the striker strip.  She tossed the match. 

Janessa backed up until she hit the wall.  She watched the flames grab each item she had so carefully placed.  Then the fire found the trail.  Low blue topped with bright white, it wormed across the floor.  The drapes caught.

The fire alarm began to shrill.  Janessa plugged her ears.  Then pulled her fingers quickly away.  She needed to hear the sirens.  She hoped to hear them soon.  She needed Devin to save her.  He was a firefighter, after all.

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