Friday, January 11, 2013

A beginner's guide to getting up in the morning

"think we're alone now, doesn't seem to be anyone around.  I think we're alone-," Tina reached over and slapped the alarm before Tiffany could finish her thought. 

"I've got to remember to change the radio station." 

Wide awake already, but unwilling to move, Tina stared up at the popcorn on her ceiling.  In the dim dawn light, it reminded her of the warty skin of a toad.  Momentarily paranoid, Tina pulled her hands up close for inspection.  No visible marks.  Good.

It hadn't been easy to get it back into the box.  After a year in the dark recess of the drawer, Tina hadn't expected such a fight.  Hell, she hadn't even thought it would be able to get out.  Tina had expected to see a shriveled lump of tissue in the box.  In the end, Tina and her roll of ladybug printed duct tape had won.  It was back in the box, the box was in the drawer.  Waiting.

Tina tossed back the covers.  She sat up, pivoted, and plopped her feet on the floor.  Right in a puddle of cat yack.  "Max!  Really?!  Did you have to do that there?" 

Walking out the outside edges of her feet to keep from tracking puke on the carpet, Tina waddled her way to the bathroom.  She sat on the edge of the tub and rinsed her feet off.  She grabbed a towel and spot cleaner from the closet and headed back to clean up the mess. 

The sun had made it high enough into the sky that Tina could see what she had missed before.  Several clumps of cat fur dressed her bedroom floor.  "What the hell were you doing last night?  Max?"  Oddly, Max did not have his nose in her business. 

Tina looked toward the hall, expecting to see Max walking her way.  Instead, she saw the strand of red tape with black spots peeking out from under her closet door. 

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