Friday, July 8, 2011

Two alone

I was on vacation for the last week and didn't read much (too busy blowing stuff up!).  But I did manage to get through the light reading I had taken with me.  Two Alone by Sandra Brown is one of her early novels, written under a pseudonym and re-released under her real name.  Again, I am absolutely amazed by how much her writing has changed.  Really, it's like reading two totally different authors.  Perhaps the only consistency is Brown's obsession with facial hair.  I refuse to say anything more about that.

This novel explores what would happen to two survivors (conveniently male and female) of a small plane crash in the middle of nowhere (Canada).  Here are my issues with the plot:  it's a plane crash.  I except it to be gross and graphic.  The crash described by Brown has to be the most sterile crash in history.  I was willing to overlook this issue, after all, it is a romance novel.  But then the end of the novel appeared.  In the next to last chapter, the hero walks out the door.  Distraught, the heroine realizes she must make a decision, and she does.  (We don't get to know what the decision is).  Turn the page to the next chapter.  It is some months later, they are married, and she is pregnant. 

This may be the only novel I have read in which the climax of the story is skipped.  What happened?  Did I get a faulty copy of the novel?  Was I missing a chapter?  Did Brown have such a hard time writing the climax scene that she decided to leave it out entirely?  Very odd.

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