Monday, July 18, 2011

No one to trust

Iris Johansen is someone I can always count on for a good time.  No One to Trust was no exception.  This is the story of a woman who is trying to escape her past.  Both physically and mentally.  Enter her hero, who is smart enough to realize she has to save herself for it to count. 

Lots of action, a dash of romance (but not at all goopy, drippy).  It hit me about halfway through this novel that Johansen writes like a guy movie.  Ponder that for awhile.  I think you'll figure out what I mean. 

I also realized about halfway through this novel that I apparently have a new pet peeve.  Skipped scenes.  Johansen skips over lots of scenes.  Scenes that aren't vital to moving the story forward.  Scenes that any good critic of your writing would tell you your novel can do without.  For some reason, I am missing those scenes lately.  I want to see them.

Of course, if they were there, I'd probably say they should be cut.  I'll get over it.

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