Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I love Stephen King.  He is a god among us mere mortals.  Someday I dream of having the clout to invite people to dinner, knowing that they will attend.  King will be on the guest list for sure.  I want to open up his brain and see what's running around inside. 

I have decided to read his rather large library of writings from start to finish.  Most of his books I have already read, at least once, but I'm totally willing to do it all again.

First up: Carrie.   Short by King's standards, this novel is less than 200 pages in length.  But powerful pages they are (says Yoda).  You would be hard pressed to cut a single word out of this story without harming it in some way.  Every word in this book is moving the story forward, revealing new facets of characters, and forcing you to turn the page.

The edition that I read was a reprint, and contained a forward written by King long after the original publication of Carrie (1974).  He stated that he sees the story as being dated.  I disagree.  With very minor updates, this story could take place today.  People are still horrible to each other.  "Misfits" still lash out. 

The only thing that really needs an overhaul is the discussion of genetics.  I won't lie, I cringed while characters discussed dominant recessive genes and how they pass from one generation to the next.  Call me Stephen, we'll talk.

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