Friday, July 3, 2015

Last Words

            Your last moment with someone is important. It should carry some weight. Some emotional significance.
            My last moment with my mom before she died was just horrifically average. On my way out the door to school, “Bye Mom, see you this afternoon.”
            “Have a good day,” her reply.
            No sense that that was the last moment.
            I would have preferred to have an argument. Nasty, spiteful words would have been better than what we actually said. A fight would have proven that we mattered to each other- we cared enough to try and change the other.
            From what we did say, we could have been strangers.
            I wish we had chosen that moment to have one of our ritualistic arguments over my holey jeans and the fact that it was cold outside and I should be wearing a jacket. Even though those arguments were usually filled with mean, hurtful words, they proved that we cared enough to fight.

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