Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A choir of ill children

All is not well in Kingdom Come.  Tom Piccirilli's A Choir of Ill Children is just as strange as November Mourns.  But I'm starting to figure out the lay of the land.  

There are several similar features in these two novels: voodoo, cults or other interpretations of religion, offspring who fall outside the normal range, and a man haunted by a elusive woman.  The key thing is that you are never allowed to settle in, get comfortable, and take your shoes off.  You wouldn't dare.  You remain slightly on edge, not sure what you are going to witness next.  It's starting to grow on me.

The big difference for me comes in the ending of the story.  Again, there are lots of questions left hanging.  Thomas (main character) even lists off some of them in the final pages.  He has accepted that he won't get those answers, at least for now.  And so can I.  The story reaches a semi-conclusion, but leaves you with a sense that you'd like to go back and visit in ten years and see what happened while you were away. 

I dreamt about the triplets last night.

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