Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Just one sip

"Here, take a sip."

My eyes popped up from "The Raven" to see who was talking to me. Standing before my park bench was a man. That's all. An average, ordinary man. So average and ordinary that I remember nothing about him.

What I do remember is what he held in his hand. A sterling silver hip flask. Engraved with the words "Drink Me." Thoughts of Alice in Wonderland wandered through my head. "Excuse me?" made it out of my mouth.

"Take a sip," He repeated.

"What is it?" I asked. I had no intention of drinking his mystery potion, but was deeply curious.

"A potion. A potion to make any sense of your choosing greater than you can imagine."

"A potion," I repeated.


I stared at him for a long minute. He stared back.

"Does it have any negative side effects?" I asked.

"It depends on what you expect from the potion. And how you define negative."

Another long minute of staring. I reached out and took the flask, removed the cap, and sniffed. I smelled nothing.

"Do I have to tell you which sense I choose?"

"For the potion to work properly, yes."

"Does intuition count as a sense?"


I didn't have anything better to do. And I had a shocking lack of intuition, so I took a big swig.

Now I have intuition. Now I know what a big mistake I made. And how to define negative side effects. Negative side effects include dulling of all the senses other than the sense you chose to enhance. It says that on the side of the flask, in fine print.

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